Run 2 is a physics defying 3D running game. Run, jump and swerve to avoid the obstacles and gaps. There's a choice of two alien characters, the runner and the skater. Playing the skater will require quick thinking and reaction times! You can also check out Run 3 for an endless runner game with updated graphics and gameplay.


Game modes


Run endlessly from one level to the next. Not only do you have to survive the level, there’s also bonuses for not bumping into walls, and a hard-to-reach bonus orb. This pushes you to get better at the game, and provides endless playability.

The main tip for Run 2 is to be ready to react! You can always press R to reset the level if you want another shot.

Create your own level

When you’ve mastered the art of running (or skating) in Run 2, you can invent your own wacky level designs in the level editor. In the level editor game mode, you can adjust the width, length, block size and color of the blocks however you want to create your own unique level design.

More Runner Games

There’s a range of 2D and 3D running games at CrazyGames. Some other popular runner games include:

Bus and Subway Runner – an endless runner game with great 3D graphics. You control a hoverboard around the city on a beautiful summer’s day. There’s the added element of police who come to chase you if spotted!

Don’t Tax Me, Bro – another endless runner. In this 3D running game you play as a businessman who doesn’t want to pay his taxes! You have to run away from police while avoiding obstacles. Or you could just give up and pay your taxes like a good citizen. But where’s the fun in that…


US game developer Joseph Cloutier developed all the games in the Run series.


Run 2 is a flash game that can be played in your web browser on mobile or desktop.


  • Use the left and right arrow keys to move.
  • Press space to jump.
  • Press P to pause the game.
  • Press R to reset the level.
Note that you can change the controls in the game!

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