Royal City Clashers 2

Royal City Clashers 2 is a fantastic fighting simulator that has similarities to some retro fighting games for earlier consoles. Clones are wreaking havoc in Royal City and you have been tasked to destroy them and keep the peace. Before you enter the game, you must choose between one of three characters. Each one has a different set of moves and strengths.

Once you have chosen your character your must fight your way through the clones in a pixelated cityscape! To start with you can use your fists. However you can collect weapons from the trash cans in the streets. Weapons include pistols, light sabers, baseball bats and even huge hammers! As you progress you can collect coins - also watch out for food - this will replenish your health. To add an extra level of fun, you can play split screen with a friend! Jump into Royal City today and start fighting!


Royal City Clashers 2 is developed by Derek LaRue.


Player 1 controls

  • WASD to move
  • QE to swap weapon
  • V to run
  • B or space bar to attack
  • N to drop weapon

Player 2 controls (use keypad for number buttons)

  • Arrow keys to move
  • 46 to swap weapon
  • 1 to run
  • 2 or 0 to attack
  • 3 to drop weapon

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