Robot Wants Kitty

Robot Wants Kitty is a classic and retro platform game with cool graphics, gameplay and music. You control an cool robot who wants to rescue his adorable kitty! You must work your way through various levels and gain different power-ups to progress. You start with a basic robot who literally can only move backwards and forwards! You must hunt for power-up crates to give him more abilities such as jumping, double jumps, lasers and more.

The levels follow a set pattern and you must unlock different power-ups in order to reach new areas of each level and rescue our beloved kitty! Work your way through each level and try to work out the correct path you must take. Destroy the aliens and monster that block your path and try to reach the save terminals! You will find yourself addicted to this simple but challenging arcade game so try and save kitty today!

Release Date

March 2010


Hamumu Games developed this game.


  • You can pick up upgrades to enable you to do new actions, such as jumping and shooting
  • Metroidvania gameplay
  • Straightforward mission


  • Web browser


  • Left and right arrow to move the robot, double tap forward to dash
  • Down arrow to crouch
  • Z to jump, click again to do double jump
  • X to shoot laser, hold X for more blast
  • Down arrow + Z to rocket upwards
  • Down arrow + X to fire missiles
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