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Real Cars in City

(78,146 votes)
Özgür Aydın
October 2020
Last Updated:
January 2024
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet), App Store(Android)

Real Cars in City is a 3D car simulation with superb graphics and various game modes. This game has realistic vehicle driving physics and quality graphics. There are 20 sports cars, 36 racetracks, 1 free ride area, a police chase area, and a crash derby area. There is a vehicle purchase and development system in the game. You can race against artificial intelligence or drive freely.

Game Modes

  • 1-Career mode: There are many areas in which you can test yourself in the career mode. These areas are "Racing", "Time Travel", and "Stunt" respectively. You can get a max of 108 stars in career mode.There are 12 racetracks in "Racing" mode. You will compete with 5 artificial intelligence and if you can enter the top 3 when the race is over, you will be entitled to move on to the next race track. When the race is over, you will earn money according to the time you complete the race. In addition, the drift points and flying points you get in the race will also earn you money.
  • You will race against time in "Time Travel" mode. There are 12 racetracks in total. When you reach the finish line, you will rate it based on the time you achieved. Get star points from here. With these star ratings you will be able to buy new and super cars.

    In "Stunt" mode, you will reach the finish line by performing stunts on 12 specially designed racetracks. Reaching the finish line on time by staying on track on demanding race tracks takes talent.

    You can get new vehicles with the stars you get in "Career Mode". In addition, with the money you earn, you can buy new vehicles and improve engine power.

  • 2-Free mode: Get ready for free rides in a huge city. The free mode area has large buildings, wide streets, stunt areas, and many mysterious areas. There are 108 keys hidden in the city. By collecting these keys, you can have new vehicles. The "Reward" table opens every 150 seconds. You earn money according to your drift and flying points in this "Reward" table. If you can wait for 150 seconds, you will have good rewards. When the number of keys reaches a certain level, the vehicle is opened for automatic use.
  • 3-Hot Pursuit: How long can you run in police vehicles? Are you ready for this action-packed chase? In this mode, we have the "HP" value. Damages we take while running from the cops reduce our "HP" value. So try to stay away from the cops. Be careful, the cops will always be after you. When your "HP" value is 0, you are caught. The cops arrest you. Just press the "Extra HP" button to recharge your "HP". This button will appear briefly when hp becomes 0.
  • 4-Crash Derby: Get ready for an action-packed battlefield. A total of 6 racers will show their skills on the specially designed battlefield.


  • Exciting race against artificial intelligence
  • Realistic driving physics
  • Wide selection of racing cars to choose from
  • Dazzling cars
  • Wide open world
  • Fullscreen mode available
  • Career mode
  • Free ride mode
  • Hot pursuit mode
  • Crash derby mode

Release Date

  • October 2020 (WebGL)
  • March 2023 (Android)


Özgür Aydın made this game.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android

Last Updated

Jan 15, 2024


  • Move: "ARROW KEYS" + "WASD"
  • Nitro: "N"
  • Camera View : "C"
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