Powerbots is a superb tower defense game combined with upgrade mechanics in which you must attempt to defend your base from a horde of incoming invading insects! The insects will stop at nothing to destroy you and cause as much damage as possible - you must therefore have an effective defence that features a myriad of different towers and troops.

You can place defensive turrets and troops around the battlefield at strategic points and your main aim is to protect your base core. Look out for crates that drop on the battlefield as these can provide you with vital upgrades and boosts. Don't forget to upgrade your troops and towers to improve their stats! Can you repel the insect invasion?

Release Date

March 2018


  • 2D robot-defense game with superb gameplay
  • Control your troop's movement
  • 3 units each with a unique ability
  • Upgradeable robots and core
  • Hard levels are available


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Use left mouse button to control the robot's movement.
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