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Lab Remnants

Developed by  KuriGameDev

Lab Remnants is an arcade game where you play as a lab-grown creature trying to escape its abusive creators. Blast your way through a series of challenging battles and bosses to the end.

How to Play

Fight in chaotic battles

Shoot your way through catacombs, labs, mysterious woods, and many other strange locations. The battles are packed full of enemies firing from all directions. Stay alert and shoot like your life depends on it.

You’ll encounter all kinds of unusual enemies and bosses that keep the pressure on in Lab Remnants. You may even encounter a devil who offers you a pretty tempting deal.

Pick up coins and power-ups

As you explore, there are many opportunities to add power-ups. You can change your bullets to bombs, add extra life, add a companion, increase your attack speed, and much more. Make sure you collect all the coins too!

Buy and upgrade new characters

Each run you do rewards you with coins. Use your coins to buy characters with different abilities, and upgrade your favorite lab rats to increase your survivability for the next run.

Game Tips

  • Choose your power-ups wisely - think about what will help you defeat the strong bosses!
  • Play fast and reactively, this is a fast-paced action title
  • Focus your upgrades on the character you play best with
  • Save your coins and only use the shop if you really must

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Release Date

January 2022


Lab Remnants was developed by KuriGameDev.


  • Web browser
  • Android


  • Arrow keys = move
  • Z = attack
  • X = special skill
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