KickUp FRVR is the famous keepy up arcade style game in which your soccer ball juggling skills are tested to the max. The aim of the game is as simple as it sounds, keep the soccer ball air bound for as long as you can as the score count will register every time you get a successful touch of the ball.

Keep the ball air bound for long enough and eventually the ball will turn golden which means even more points when you keep it up! Keep practicing as practice makes perfect just like the real game. Lace up your boots and get juggling to become the ultimate soccer juggler. Have fun!

Release Date

May 2018


KickUp FRVR was developed by FRVR. You can try other FRVR arcade-sports games, like basketball and football.


  • FRVR game about kicking soccer ball up
  • Simple and straightforward gameplay, but hard to master
  • A cool stadium background


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Move your mouse to play.