Hobo 2
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Hobo 2

Hobo 2 is the fantastic sequel to the popular original title – this time you must fight inside a deadly prison against your cell mates. Our hobo wants to rampage through the prison and escape to freedom – he wants to smash his way to the outside and cause as much damage and mayhem as possible.

You must control the hobo and use a combination of punches, smashes and kicks to knock out the other prisoners and guards/police officers. You can also pick up different objects such as lunch trays to use as deadly weapons! Try to complete awesome combinations to increase your damage and don’t forget to use the various special moves you unlock. Can you conquer the prison and unleash your inner hobo?

Release Date

December 2009


  • Big prison
  • Different objects to be used
  • You can use various combos to beat the opponents faster


Hobo 2 is made by Seeting Swarm.


This game is a web browser game.


  • Arrow keys to move
  • A to punch
  • K to kick
  • P to pause