GunDudes is an awesome platform game set in a futuristic world. You control two characters that live in this world and are attempting to survive from the robots that are trying to eliminate them. You must move through the world and eliminate the robots as they approach and avoid being shot and destroyed. When you start a new game, both characters are given a unique weapon.

You control both characters and each one shoots enemies that appear on their respective side. Keep shooting and watch out for new weapon drops and power-ups to improve your damage and survivability. You only have three lives in total so work hard and keep those weapons shooting! As you progress, the enemies become harder to kill and will take an increased amount of damage to destroy. Using the money you earn, you can purchase upgrades to improve the strength and durability of your two heroes. Pick up your weapons and defeat the robots today!


GunDudes is developed by Maksym Paradnia (SadSoft / Mimivirus), a talented indie developer.



  • Left click to shoot left
  • Right click to shoot right
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