Gangsters is a pixelated shooting mayhem in which the players takes control of a gang. The goal of the game is to defend your turf against rival gangs. The graphics are retro and pixelated but the gameplay is exciting, intense and bloody. You can use a different weapons such as pistols and machine guns to fight the rival gangs.

The gameplay is physics-based. You must control all three members of your gang. Use the W key to move your squad forward, and use the E key to raise your member’s arms to shoot their weapons or punch with their fists. Can you conquer the other gangs and show who the real mafia boss is?


  • AI-controlled enemies: this is a real challenge as the AI opponents are accurate and will quickly dispatch you if you don’t use your weapons.
  • 2-player mode: fight your friends

Release Date

December 2018


Gangsters was developed by Mariano Maffia, the same developer who made 12 MiniBattles.


  • Physics-based action game
  • You can play against a computer or your friend on the same computer
  • Three characters in each team
  • A lot of different weapons to use
  • Various maps with a unique feature


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



  • To jump, player one use W and player two use I
  • To use the weapon, player one use E and player two use O
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