Drednot.io (Dredark)

Drednot.io is a fun battleship style game in which you must develop your own dreadnought ship and crew and sail the seas to battle with other players. You can actually join forces with others too, to create a mighty vessel.

You can choose what type of ship to create. Maybe you will build a small and fast destroyer, or maybe you will create a giant warship with loads of guns and armor? Don't forget to craft new materials and weapons, and keep an eye on your ammunition.

Release Date

February 2019


drednot.io is made by Adam Coggeshall.


  • Team-based multiplayer ship battle
  • Each player must help each other and do various things to improve their ship
  • Turrets that need to be loaded with ammunition
  • Crafting system


Web browser


The game is updated roughly every week, and things frequently change. For more comprehensive and up-to-date help, use the in-game "Help" and "Quick Start" buttons.


  • WASD to move or climb a ladder
  • Space bar to jump or exit a ladder
  • Left-click to interact
  • Right-click to use an item
  • Q to drop an item
  • Mouse scroll to zoom
  • C to fast zoom
  • Enter to chat
  • Tab to show the scoreboard
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