DrawThis2.io (Draw This 2)
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DrawThis2.io (Draw This 2)

DrawThis2.io (Draw This 2) is the prequel to the much-loved Draw This game in which you can play with family, friends, friends to be or even try the single player mode where you must complete challenges. Just like the original you must use your creativity and artistic skills to draw the word that you can see in some shape or form.

As you draw he word to your best ability you must work together with your team as they need to be able to guess the object and you are both rewarded for it. In this prequel work your way through a host of new challenges and utilize the cool new drawing tools that you have at your disposal. Good luck and draw that word!

Release Date

May 2018


  • The second episode of DrawThis.io
  • More drawing tools
  • Play with your friends
  • Single player with 2 game modes
  • The ability to report players


Web browser


Use left mouse button to draw.

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