City Siege 3

City Siege 3 takes you back into the City Siege series and presents a whole new range of missions and levels. This time you are placed in a jungle setting and must fight your enemies without harming the innocent civilians. During each level you must collect stars, keep the civilians safe and destroy all enemies present. At the end of each mission you gain a cash reward based on your score – you gain a greater reward for the amount of stars collected and them number of civilians you save.

You can use the rewards to purchase different characters such as Bazookas, Grenades and Commandos. Furthermore, you can upgrade each character to improve their HP and damage output. Finally, as your squad takes damage over time, you can purchase first aid kits to restore them to full health. Be careful not to kill any VIPs or harm civilians – these are often vital to your completion of the level. During each battle you can take with you a variety of different characters so choose a good mix! Can you defeat the enemies and train an elite unit of soldiers?


City Siege 3 is developed by The Podge.



  • Press AD or left/right arrow to move
  • Press W or up arrow to jump
  • Press left mouse button to shoot
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