Burnin' Rubber 5 XS

Burnin’ Rubber 5 XS is a high-octane combat racing game. Get to first place by any means necessary. Whether you do so by boosting or burning your opponents is up to you. There’s a range of vehicles and destructive weapons to unlock as you battle through the stages. 

Burnin’ Rubber 5 XS


Destroy your opponents and reach first place. In Burnin’ Rubber 5, you get to choose from a selection of primary and secondary weapons. These weapons can be anything from railguns to homing missiles and deadly bouncing mines. Use them to cause chaos.

As you’re racing through the track bulldozing your opponents, you’ll pick up ammo, repairs, and boosts. It’s not a game to play conservatively, as there are plenty of upgrades throughout the tracks. Blast your opponents relentlessly and wreak havoc.


Every opponent you eliminate with your 4-wheeled killing machine will reward you with a $1,000 bonus, so find a weapon combo that deals the most takedowns and start earning those cash bonuses!

There are twelve racetracks on Burnin Rubber 5 XS. Each track is unlocked when you complete the level before it. You’re rewarded with new vehicles too. As you get further into the game, the cars get faster and your opponents get more aggressive.


What do you do when you’ve completed all the races? There are four achievements on each track. These are awarded if you:

  • Reach first place
  • Get the takedown bonus
  • Obtain the mystery box
  • Complete a track in prestige time

These accomplishments give you cash and vehicle rewards. They also add to the overall game achievements, which you’ll find on the main menu. Complete all of your achievements to receive a special prize!

Similar Games

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Release Date

October 2020


XformGames developed Burnin’ Ruber 5 XS and HD.


Web browser



  • Use WASD or arrow keys to drive your car
  • Press Z and X or left and right mouse button to fire your weapons
  • Hold Shift to drift
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