8.5 is the arena style game in which you will battle against other online players to in battle to try to be the last man standing. When we say man, in this case we mean cute little monsters! Use your little monster to attack others and become the scariest monster in the land!

You will start with a little cute monster and then you will need to eat other monsters to grow bigger and dominate the game arena to become unstoppable. There are cookies to eat which replenish your health and there is water to drink to replenish your stamina. Good luck!

Release Date

June 2018

Developer is developed by Clown Games, the same developer who also made other great .io games, like and


  • .io battle game in which we control a monster
  • A cool game mechanism to eat other monsters
  • Smooth animations and controls
  • Collectible pieces to unlock more characters


Web browser



  • Left click or space bar to bite
  • W or right click to dash
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