Basketball Legends

Basketball Legends game, the epic basketball game. Interested in professional basketball, but aren't the athletic type? Do you want to play with some of the greatest icons in the sport? Thanks to Basketball Legends, you don’t have to be in the NBA to play against the greats!

Get ready to play basketball with some true basketball legends, like Lebron James, Stephen Curry and Derrick Williams. You can play a quick match or a whole tournament, either alone or with a friend. Unlock achievements along the way and see your name appear on the leaderboard! Do you have what it takes to make it to the top?

Even if you aren’t a basketball player, you will still love the exciting basketball action and gameplay. Take control of different legends from the NBA and try to out-score your opponents. The players mode is so much fun. Here you must try and beat teams and work your way through the tournament structure. In the end, you can reign as the basketball legends champion and be crowned as the tournament winner.

The controls are easy to master - control your characters using the WASD keys. Furthermore, it is easy to shoot and try to block the opposing team's shots. Don’t forget about the super shot using the V key too - this is an awesome shot that is virtually guaranteed to be a basket. Two-player controls are just as easy, but use a different section of the keyboard.

If you enjoy this exciting basketball game, you will enjoy the other legend’s games from MadPuffers. Aside from controlling Lebron James, you can play as soccer stars, tennis legends, or even NHL hockey players! Check out the different leged’s games today and see what other sports you can try out.


  • Cool stylized graphics that look both cartoony and accurate.
  • Different types of moves and shots allow for developing unique strategies.
  • Select your team from a variety of real-life players.


This game is exclusively available through a web browser (using Flash).


Basketball Legends is one of many legends games by MadPuffers. Others include Soccer Legends, Tennis Legends, and Hockey Legends.


Game Controls

Player One

  • WASD = Move
  • B = Shoot/Perform action
  • S = Pump
  • V = Super-shot
  • D twice = Dash

Player Two

  • UP, LEFT, RIGHT Arrow keys = Move
  • L = Shoot/Perform action
  • DOWN Arrow = Pump
  • K= Super-shot
  • LEFT Arrow twice = Dash
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