Agent of Descend

Agent of Descend is the turn-based action game in which you are a no nonsense secret agent on a mission to descend a tower building to reach the ground floor eliminating all of the bad guys in your path. You start on the top floor and you will encounter a number of hostile enemies that you will have to engage in combat as move from floor to floor.

Your combat will commence with turn-based selections where you need to use your arsenal of weapons to quickly defeat your enemies before they defeat you. Do no threat though as your progress will be saved as you move between floors. Defeat the bad guys and collect your rewards as you become the ultimate agent!

Release Date

May 2018


Agent of Descend was developed by Alexei Dubinin.


  • A turn-based action game featuring a secret agent
  • Different weapons to use, including assault rifles and melee weapons
  • Buyable armor
  • Equipment you use has a visual appearance on the character
  • 60 levels to clear


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Use left mouse button to play the gmae.
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