Add the Numbers

Add the Numbers is a fun logic based game in which you control a box with a numerical value on it. You can move left, right, up and down but whatever value is on the box that you replace effects your value. Some will be positive, and some will be negative. A positive will add to your value, but a negative will subtract.

The aim of the game is to stay in positive figures as long as possible. You will need to think every move through as you will quickly lose without prior planning. Good luck and get adding!

Release Date

October 2018


Add the Numbers is developed by IFGD.


  • A puzzle game with the addition gameplay
  • You can only move one tile at a time
  • A boss that appears after every certain move
  • Wheel of Fortune that can give you a random reward
  • Buyable power-ups with the earned diamonds


Add the Numbers is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).



Use arrow keys to move.
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