Zorelit.io is a cool multiplayer spaceship battle game in which you must try and dominate the galaxy with your kitted out space craft. You can equip your spacecraft with a myriad of different weapons such as missiles, lasers and torpedoes. To control your spaceship you use the mouse and the left click button to fire its weapons. You can even chat to other players using a series of cool emoticons.

Move through space in your ship and collect the scattered weapons you can find. You must also try and collect the various orbs that are scattered in space – these can increase your level and boost your ship’s power. Can you become the most powerful spaceship and dominate the galaxy in Zorelit?

Release Date

March 2018


  • Choose your spaceship model and color
  • Different weapons and abilities to swap and use
  • Respawn on the battlefield once your spaceship is destroyed
  • Fast-paced gameplay


Web browser



  • Move your mouse to control the spaceship
  • Left click or Q to fire
  • Right click or W to use an ability
  • Hold space to lock a direction
  • 1234 to use an emoticon
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