Stick RPG 2

Stick RPG 2 is an amazing stickman adventure game. You fell into Paper Thin City, a 2.5-dimension world... Thankfully a friendly guy helped you out, and you're back on your feet. Now, you must survive in this big city and find a way to restore the initial dimensions. You need strength, charm, and intelligence in this game!

Go to a gym or fight to increase your strength, get drunk to increase your charm (we're not sure how realistic this is to be honest?), and go to university to increase your intelligence. Guys with boxing gloves want to fight with you, so always protect yourself and be prepared for anything. Work to earn money and get promoted to earn more money. Another important thing is to have an ID card to access certain features. In this game, you have the freedom to become a good or bad guy. Whatever life path you take, try to survive the harsh city and find a way to go home!


Stick RPG is developed by XGen Studios, an independent game developer in Canada. They have also developed Stick Arena, Territory War, and Motherload.

Release Date

April 2011



  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Shift to sprint
  • Left click to interact

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