Slenderman Must Die: Industrial Waste

Slenderman Must Die: Industrial Waste. The Slenderman is one of the most intriguing urban legends in existence. This sinister character in his black suit that stalks in silence and outstretched arms is truly chilling. You can now jump into this myth in the brilliant web series, Slenderman Must Die.

In this game, you are in the midst of a deadly war but have lost your way. You are walking through an industrial waste complex and must try to find your way out. This might seem like an easy task, but the Slender Man is lurking and will stop at nothing to try and catch you with his persistent silence and outstretched long arms.

Find the 9 points and escape from the complex

The main object of the game is to escape. To do this, you must first find 9 different points whilst trying to survive. Move through the creepy industrial waste complex and look for objects and weapons. Be careful as there is a myriad of mutant creatures driven forward by the slender man.

This video game created by poison games has excellent graphics and really pulls you into the action. The music is sinister, and the atmosphere created is scary and intense! We advise playing this game with the light on unless you really want a fright!

To help defend yourself from the black and white monster and his mutants, you are equipped with various weapons including a pistol and a shotgun. Use your weapons wisely, and look for ammunition lying on different objects. Out of all the horror stories, the Slender Man is certainly one of the scariest!

Complete the mission and try out other Slenderman must die titles

Use your playing skills and wits to complete your mission and escape. Once you have completed the industrial waste mission, why not try some of the other Slender Man games available? There are over 7 episodes in this chilling series, each of which provides a different story with our sinister legendary character.


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