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Alien Games

Alien Games - take control of or fight against the little green men from outer space!

Aliens have captured our imagination for many years - we have all seen programs about supposed alien crash landings, and watched films such as ET and Star Wars. Many people believe that extra terrestrial life lives and that there are planets far away with intelligent life. Alien games allow you to explore new worlds, fight against hordes of inhuman species, and test the limits of space. Battle for the Galaxy for example allows you to build a military base on a strange world and send mechanical units into battle to conquer new territory. Check out our hand-picked selection of fun and interesting alien games today!


What are the most popular Alien Games?

  1. CyberShark
  2. Human Resistance
  3. Find The Alien
  4. My Space Hotel: Tycoon
  5. Void Scrappers
  6. Mad Day (Special)
  7. Marine Survivors
  8. Save the Hostages
  9. Space Survivor
  10. Royal City Clashers 3

What are the best Alien Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Find The Alien
  2. Alien Bubbles
  3. Space Survivor
  4. CyberShark
  5. Bounce Out

What are Alien Games?

Prepare to encounter extraterrestrial life in our alien games collection. Whether you're defending Earth or exploring new planets, our games let you experience the unknown. Get ready for an out-of-this-world adventure!

Battle with supernatural forces and advanced alien civilizations in a range of free alien games. Play for free in your web browser.
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