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Yearly Fashionistas Rundown

Developed by  Idea Studios

Yearly Fashionistas Rundown is an awesome dress up game. If you love fashion, you will go crazy for this glamorous new game called Yearly Fashionistas Rundown. The stage is calling and the girls want to impress with their best outfits, makeup, and hairstyles. You must use your imagination and help them have an amazing time by choosing their outfits and accessories.

This game is great for a rainy day and you can have hours of fun trying to choose different outfits. The annual fashion competition has arrived and you must help each girl pick their clothes. Start with Elsa and select different clothing including her skirt, top, or even dress. There are loads of different items to choose from - create some amazing styles and fashionable compilations.

Once you have selected clothes for the characters in this glamorous game, you must then choose who is the winner of the competition! Give each pair of girls a rating as they progress through the stages. You can then select who is the winner of this year's Fashionista Rundown.

Join your favorite characters in this amazing kids game and have some fun with your fashion ideas. Play through the game once to get a feel with fashion ready to impress. It is then possible to change your outfits and give the girls different clothes to wear. There are hundreds of different outfits to choose from - you can really show off your designer skills.

Why not play the fashionistas rundown and choose who you want to win the competition today? This is one of the best awesome games for free and will give you so much entertainment. Start your fashion career today and compete in the rundown competition.

Release Date

June 2019


Idea Studios developed Yearly Fashionistas Rundown.


Fullscreen available


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Left click mouse to interact with items.