Watercraft Rush

Watercraft Rush is the action-packed jet ski racing game in which you must hop on to a top of the range jet ski and speed your way across the sea. You must race across beautiful blue waters in the baking sun making sure you avoid all of the obstacles in your way.

There are three stunning worlds to speed through, complete a world by following the course and reaching the finish line before the time limit runs out. What else is better on holiday then jumping on a powerful jet ski and gliding across the sea at ridiculous speeds, nothing I here you say! Well here's your chance.

Release Date

May 2018


Watercraft Rush was developed by Code This Lab.


  • High-quality graphics
  • 3 worlds with different tracks to play
  • The time limit in each world
  • Speedboats along the way that can slow you down


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



  • Up arrow to accelerate
  • Down arrow to use brake
  • Left and right arrow to steer
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