8.1 is a fun and intense multiplayer io game in which you must attempt to slay other players whilst avoiding the various dangerous obstacles and traps on the map. This game is based on the popular Trap Adventure 2 platform game and uses much of the same graphics, music and gameplay elements. You control a character who has an immense sword – you must use this sword to destroy everyone around you!

Move around the level and collect coins to increase your score – watch out for the other players and try to avoid their swords otherwise they will destroy you first! Also be wary of the traps and obstacles as they can instantly kill you too. is a great addition to this series and brings a whole new level of gameplay to this classic title.

Release Date

March 2018


Kevin Games developed


  • The .io version of Trap Adventure 2 with the same character and objects
  • Many deadly spikes that can hurt you
  • You can reach a higher area by climbing the platforms and avoiding the traps
  • Collect coins to increase your score


Web browser



  • AD to move
  • W or space bar to jump
  • Left click to attack
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