Trap Adventure 2

Trap Adventure 2 is a fun arcade game with a twist - can you complete it? Maybe you can, maybe you can't? Just try and see what happens! Will you be able to avoid the spikes or will the spikes seek you out regardless? This game is hugely frustrating but a good laugh too. Don't take this title too seriously otherwise your head may implode!

You only have 10 lives to try and complete the game so use them wisely... or don't, we don't think it really matters! This may sound cryptic, but once you start playing you will understand!

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Release Date

January 2018


Hiroyoshi Oshiba made this game.


  • Joke version of the game
  • You can play the first area of the game
  • Many traps that can make you frustrating


  • Web browser
  • iOS



  • AD to move
  • W to jump
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