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Train Simulator 2019


Play the Train Simulator 2019 game and become an expert train conductor. If you love trains and testing your skill then you will enjoy this simulation game from Dovetail games. This is certainly one of the best railway games available for your web browser. The graphics are fantastic and the train simulation gameplay is immersive but challenging. With a vast array of content, this train simulator will give you hours of fun.

The main aim of this superb game is to become an expert train conductor using the worlds most amazing trains. You must jump into the control room of the train and attempt to drive it successfully to the next station. During the journey, you must pay attention to the speed of the train. If you try to accelerate too much, you could de-rail it and cause a huge crash.

Take corners with care using your amazing rail bound machines, and only speed up on straight parts of the track. Furthermore, you must also look out for different objects and obstacles on the train track. Each line brings a unique feel when driving the train and this can help exercise your ultimate rail hobby. The train simulator fully immerses you in the experience.

You can try your hand at driver or engineer driving the train on 10 different levels. Each level has a different track to drive upon. Furthermore, the surrounding landscape changes too.

Departing Britains capital, for example, lets you drive your train from London through the British countryside. If you don't fancy driving from Britains busiest station, then why not try the Frankfurt high speed line instead for a different challenge?

Alternatively, you can drive from Parks Portsmouth direct line through the south of England or the Deutsche bahns vision line. There is even the busiest station Clapham junction which is another popular terminal in London. Each line has been carefully recreated and has realistic features and scenery.

The combination of engineer driving or operating the train gives you variety. Moreover, as this game is available from the steam store, you can play it on many different platforms. For those who love the world of trains transporting, Train Simulator 2019 really is a fantastic title. Remember that to play this game on a PC you need the os 32-bit Windows 7 service pack 1 8.1 or later.

Try out this fantastic title from Dovetail games today and see if you can handle the pressure on the railway. For more information, you can also check out the Train Simulator Wikipedia page which provides info on the game version history. You can see how this epic simulation game has developed over time and how the current 2019 version has evolved.

Release Date

January 2019


  • 3D train driving simulation game
  • Four different train models to drive
  • 10 levels to play
  • Acceleration and brakes to manage


Web browser



Press left mouse button on an action button.

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