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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (T.A.B.S.)


Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is the wacky fun physics style battle simulation game in which you have complete control and you must plan your strategy in the battle to win the fight. This game uses a state of the art physics engine which adds an unparalleled level of realism and fun to the gameplay.

You can place a variety of different types of battle units in endless different formations on the battlefield to create your own battles and have endless amounts of fun. Examples of units include caveman, woolly mammoths, Viking longboats, Roman legionnaires, and longbow archers. Hundreds of units throughout time are represented.

The wacky physics based tactics help players recreate some of the greatest battles of history… with a twist. You can gain a fun insight into our greatest warriors, military units, and heroes the world has ever seen and make them fight to the death.

Experience accurate warfare through the ages with different time periods including the Stone Age, Medieval period, Vikings, Renaissance, and even ancient history such as Rome and Greece. The different units and timezones currently available give great variety.

Aside from the cool art physics based simulation, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator also has some brilliant maps and game modes. There are currently 14 different maps available - each of which represents a different historical area of part of our world.

Players can also wage war in different game modes including a sandbox mode, and a singleplayer campaign. Furthermore, tabs uses state of the art battle and campaign creators - this allows players to develop their own maps and military reenactments.

When playing this physics based tactics game, which faction will you try? Each faction has a selection of different units. The medieval faction, for example, has bards, squires, archers, catapults, priests, and knights. Alternatively, the Stoner Age has stone-throwers, mammoths, and a bone mage!

Although the game is in early access stage, the developer has created an ambitious road-map of future updates. This includes new factions and content. No two battles are the same as you have complete control customizing your approach and tactics to the very stage of warfare. Play with friends or play alone it’s up to you. Have fun and get to war!

Release Date

The pre-alpha version launched in September 2016.


Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (T.A.B.S.) was made by Landfall.


  • Various units with a different ability
  • Each unit has an information about their strength
  • You have the freedom to define your own play style
  • Cool battle physics
  • 3D graphics


Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (T.A.B.S.) is a computer game.


Use the left mouse button to play.