Toss the Turtle

Toss the Turtle is a challenging launch game in which you must help our heroic turtle prove that his shell is indestructible! Our turtle wishes to prove his strength and show off his shell therefore you must attempt to launch him as far and high as possible out of an immense cannon!

Each time you launch the turtle you gain cash for how far you manage to help him fly. You can use this cash to purchase useful upgrades for your cannon and to attach to the turtle to help him launch further. This game is a heap of fun and you will keep yourself entertained for hours trying to beat your own turtle launching record – prove to the world the strength of the shell today!

Release Date

August 2009


  • Eccentric but attractive models' design
  • Funny turtle expressions
  • Many interactable objects on your way
  • Plenty of awesome power-ups and guns


This game is a web browser game.



  • Move the cannon with mouse
  • Use left mouse button to adjust power, release to shoot
  • Press WASD to control the turtle's direction
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