Technologis is a simplistic but fun management game crossed with platform elements. You are the manager of a fruit factory and you must control the production line and the crane that moves the fruit from the conveyor into the grinder. You must work fast and move as many fruit as possible to keep production running smoothly.

Aside from the fruit you must also take care of the rat infestation. You will see rats running across the floor and in the fruit and you must crush them before they can cause problems! Speed and precision are key in this game - you must have quick fingers but you must also be highly accurate! Can you manage the fruit factory?

Release Date

April 2018


Martin Jacob made Technologis for Ludum Dare 40. You can follow him on Twitter and see the submission on Newgrounds.


  • A cool arcade game to test your speed and precision
  • Constantly increasing challenge
  • There are rotten fruits and rats that you must avoid/crush
  • Nice music
  • Hard mode is available


Web browser



  • Left and right arrow to move the crane
  • Space bar or down arrow to release/smash
  • Up arrow to change crane type
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