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Tanuki Sunset

(9,501 votes)
November 2019
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop-only), Steam

Tanuki Sunset is a downhill skateboarding game with a raccoon protagonist called Tanuki. Master the corners and do skateboard tricks to earn points. Enjoy an excellent soundtrack and colorful visuals as you control the coolest raccoon down winding roads into the sunset.

How to Play

Cruise downhill on your skateboard, avoid the obstacles and collect points. Once your points meter is full, a roulette wheel will provide you with a spin for bonus points. Doing jumps and tricks will get you more points.

Sit back and enjoy the music! The aesthetic vibes are part of what makes this game great.

Tanuki Sunset Tips

Push your luck to get more points. Drift around corners. Do a 180-degree slide. Riding close to obstacles earns you points for near misses. You get awarded with points for most things except riding normally, so do as many tricks as you can!

There are icons you can collect in the form of a ringing phone, a baby raccoon calling for help, and a tape.

Ride into the floating tape to radically shift the music and visual aesthetic of the game.

Answer the floating phone for a new objective.

Catch the baby raccoon floating away on a balloon for a raccoon buddy to join you on your downhill adventure!

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Release Date

October 2019


Tanuki Sunset was made by Squid Squad. You can follow the discussion on Discord.


Web browser. We also have the Steam version.

Controls (this game also supports Xbox controller)

  • A/D or left/right arrow to move
  • W or up arrow to enter speed stance
  • S or down arrow to do 180-degree slide
  • Space bar to drift
  • Esc to pause


Is this the full version of Tanuki Sunset?

This is a free demo version of the full game, which you can find on Steam.

How do I change the music in Tanuki Sunset?

Look out for the tape power-up to change the music and visual theme of the game.

Gameplay Video

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