Stick Tank Wars

Stick Tank Wars is a n arcade game with a bang. You control a stick tank at war with an opposing player. You are positioned in an area where you cannot directly target you enemy so will have to be creative in your attempts to defeat them. You have control over the power and angle of your shot, aim over the obstacles in front of you to fire your round into through the air and strike your enemy from above.

You will be firing at your enemy but they will be firing back at you also. Make sure to destroy them before they can destroy you. Have fun!

Release Date

September 2018


  • Tank battle against a computer-controlled unit
  • Physics-based gameplay in which you need to aim to hit the enemy
  • Buy-able new tank models and ammunition types
  • Several power-ups on the battlefield


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Drag left mouse button to aim, release to shoot the cannon.
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