Spiderman City Raid
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Spiderman City Raid

Spiderman City Raid is a fun platform game in which you can take control of the legendary superhero Spiderman and swing through the city with your sticky webs. You must try and move from platform to platform using your web shooter and keep moving for as long as possible without falling to the streets below.

This game uses a ragdoll style of gameplay and you must get used to the over exaggerated movements of Spiderman and account for the strange physics in play. Use your left click mouse button to fire your web shooter and move your mouse to aim where the web will fire too - try to move quickly and keep Spiderman moving. What high score can you register?

Release Date

February 2007


  • Spiderman game with a mission to swing web as far as possible
  • Ragdoll physics
  • Different platform models


Web browser


Left click to shot web.