Slope Ball (Falling Ball)

Slope Ball is a fantastic arcade game in which you must try and control a rolling ball that is moving across a never-ending platform. As you travel along with the platform, you must try and avoid the different objects and avoid falling off of the edge.

You must also try and collect the different crystals on the way to boost your score. The graphics are awesome, and you must have really good reactions to try and keep the ball on the platform. What high score can you achieve?

Release Date

January 2019


The game was initially released as Slope Ball and has been rebranded as Falling Ball.


Robert Alsin made Slope Ball.


  • Two game modes: Normal and Endless
  • Colorful platforms and background
  • Many unlockable new balls
  • Spin to get a reward
  • Cool music


Web browser. We also have the Android version.


Drag left mouse button to move the ball left and right.
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