Slime Pizza
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Slime Pizza

Slime Pizza is a fun platform game in which you take control of slime pizza who is an intergalactic pizza delivery alien! As he is travelling through space, a deadly virus bomb crashes into his spaceship and forces him to make a crash landing on a nearby planet. You must help slime pizza and his droid gather the scattered pizza pieces so he can continue with his delivery!

The slime is sticky and will stick to objects and different surfaces - use this to your advantage to bypass traps and get past tricky objects. The game presents a variety of challenges and you must work hard and use your logic and puzzle solving skills to collect all the scattered pizza!

Release Date

January 2018 as mobile apps. The online version is available since May 2018.


Slime Pizza is developed by Neutronized.


  • Fun platform game featuring a slime and robot
  • You need to aim to a direction to launch the slime
  • Your slime is very sticky
  • Entertaining dialogues
  • Simple gameplay with a cool concept


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS


Hold left mouse button to aim, release to launch.