Slendrina Must Die: The School

Slendrina Must Die - The School - is an intense and exciting horror game in which you must further explore the character of Slendrina. This evil entity is truly haunting and stops at nothing to hurt you.

You must explore the abandoned school and find the scattered fuses that lay around the grounds. Once you find these, you can uncover the secrets of Slendrina! You can choose from several different weapons including a knife and a pistol. The controls are simple, and the graphics are fantastic. Can you uncover the secret of Slendrina?

Release Date

February 2019


Slendrina Must Die - The School is developed by Poison Games.


  • Four weapons: knife, pistol, shotgun, and sword
  • Big haunted school area
  • Many creepy enemies, such as Slendrina and Slenderman
  • Smooth graphics and controls


  • Web browser
  • Android



  • W A S D or arrow keys to walk around
  • Mouse to look around
  • Left Mouse Button to Fire
  • Right Mouse Button to Aim
  • Mouse Wheel to Change Weapon
  • G for Grenade
  • R to Reload
  • F to Pick-up Item
  • Left Shift to Run
  • Left CTRL to Crouch
  • X to Prone
  • V to Melee
  • Space bar to Jump

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