Shop Empire Fantasy

Shop Empire Fantasy is an additional version of the popular Shop Empire Series. You are a budding entrepreneur and you wish to build an immense shopping mall for your friends! To attract customers and build profit you must create a variety of different shops and establishments. You can create a Soup Stall, a Lantern Shop and a Grooming Parlor for example. These shops must be maintained and your mall must be kept clean - you must hire security guards and repairmen.

You can also buy extras that help boost the happiness of your customers. As you expand, you can build additional floors to your mall which in turn allows you to create even more shops and generate more profit. As you progress, you can unlock new shops and facilities. Be sure to pay attention to the happiness of your guests and attend to their needs, and be sure to keep creating new shops to build your mall empire!


Shop Empire Fantasy is developed by Little Giant World.



Use left mouse button to interact in-game.

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