8.5 is a unique io multiplayer platform game with cool sea-based gameplay. In this title you control a salmon that is swimming in the sea – you must help the salmon grow in size and reach the goal area. You are competing against many other salmon (controlled by human players) and you must try and gain the highest score and reach the finish line in the quickest time.

You must also watch out for vicious bears who are trying to catch the salmon and eat them! You must jump over the bears and watch out for their powerful paws as they swipe at you! Can you conquer the seas, outsmart the predators and reign as the fastest and most powerful salmon?

Release Date

March 2018


Jaeyun Noh (m0dE) made


  • Very fun and challenging platformer game featuring a salmon
  • Different platform models that require perfect-timing jumps
  • Predators to avoid


This game is a web browser game. We also have the Android and iOS version.



Hold left mouse button to jump.
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