Royal Cats

The king's cats are immensely hungry! To find a bite to eat, they plan to steal the kings delicious meals! Help them in their quest for food in a series of platform based levels. This fun game has lively music and great gameplay. Who wouldn't want to help some cute cats find a meal!

You can control each cat individually (they are all stacked on top of each other!). By making each cat jump you can avoid the obstacles and collect the gold coins. Some obstacles require several cats jumping together or in sequence. Use your brain and logic, and keep your cats safe! Will you help them work together to find a satisfying meal?


Royal Cats is developed by Avix Games (consisting of Leandro Cauali, Nico Castez, and Nehuen Defosse) for the Construct 3 Jam.



Z,A & Q or 2,5 & 8 makes each cat jump respectively. I.e. Z makes the bottom cat jump and A makes the middle cat jump.
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