Red is a fun and exciting puzzle game – the browser version of this popular title is finally here so get ready for some fun! The aim of this game is simple – you must attempt to turn the whole screen red – this might sound easy but as you progress the challenges become increasingly difficult and you must really strain your mind to think of a solution.

Some of the levels are easy – the first level for example requires you to click the screen several times to fill all the red strips on the screen. You must use a range of skills such as logic, timing, reflexes and puzzle solving. This game really is a heap of fun and you will find yourself addicted to Red!

Release Date

Red was initially released for mobile devices in January 2018. The online version was released in April 2018.


red was made by Bart Bonte, who also made other cool puzzle games, e.g. yellow.


  • A very fun and challenging puzzle game in which you turn the whole area red
  • 25 levels to solve
  • A different challenge in each level
  • Hints to use


This online version only has 25 levels, for more levels, you can play it via the mobile app.


This game is a web browser game. We also have the Android and iOS versions.



Left click to play.

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