Ragdoll Runners
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Ragdoll Runners

Controlling our own legs is easy, but controlling other legs is not! Especially when the legs are from some ragdolls... In Ragdoll Runners, you need to control the leg movements of a ragdoll and compete with others ragdolls in running races. Precision and timing are key to winning races. Practice makes perfect, so keep training to master the movements in this game. Good luck!


This is only a demo version and you can only play solo 10 and 30 meters run.

Release Date

August 2005


Ragdoll Runners is made by Samuel Manier, a French indie developer. You can support him here.


Ragdoll Runners is a web browser game. There's also a full Steam version available.




  • Hold left arrow to move left leg
  • Hold right arrow to move right leg
  • Hold down arrow to lean forward