Pixel Wizard: Ultimate Edition


Pixel Wizard: Ultimate Edition is a retro-inspired 2D adventure platformer game. Progress through 4 worlds and over 40 levels of challenging battles and secret treasures. There are 9 wizards to unlock and a speedrunning mode for when you’ve mastered the story!

How to Play


The game will guide you through the basics in the first level, showing you how to move, jump, shoot, and find hidden treasure chests. After that, Pixel Wizard quickly amps up the challenge with several enemies like slimes, bats, ghosts, eyeballs that fire projectiles, and many more. 


Aside from the storyline, you can head over to the town to purchase new costumes, health, and energy using the gold rings you have collected. You can even pay a visit to the devs in the pixelated ginTronic headquarters.

End game

Once you’ve mastered the storyline and learned how to slay all enemies, you can play the speed-run mode for a tricky end-game challenge. There are three modes - speed run, hard speed run, and hardcore speed run.

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Pixel Wizard: Ultimate Edition is a game that sticks to retro roots, with simple click-to-shoot fights, secret areas, and plenty of projectile-dodging action. Browse our platformer games for more. Popular titles with similar mechanics include Big Neon Tower Tiny Square and Super Onion Boy.


  • Fun, uncomplicated action-adventure gameplay
  • 9 wizards to unlock as you progress
  • 4 worlds and over 40 levels of action
  • Speed run modes to challenge you further at the end

Release Date

  • December 2014 (Android and iOS)
  • May 2021 (WebGL)


Pixel Wizard: Ultimate Edition was developed by ginTronic io.


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS



  • Right = D, Right Arrow
  • Left= A, Left Arrow
  • Jump= W, Up Arrow
  • Shoot = Spacebar
  • Interact = E

Gamepads also supported!

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