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Ping Pong Chaos

Developed by  New Eich Games

Ping Pong Chaos is a chaotic 2-player game from the developer of Rooftop Snipers! Get ready to enter a crazy world and play insane ping pong matches against the computer or against your friends!

Your objective is to hit the ball and make it land on the opponent's side. Each round has a different map, a different ball, and random effects. You win a match once you have successfully scored 5 times. But, hold on, it is not that easy! The controls are very chaotic and it is very hard to hit the ball. Not to mention that you're not allowed to touch the referee's table, or your opponent gets points.

Play solo against a bot or together with your friends in local multiplayer mode. You can also create your own tournament with up to 8 friends at once! Or if you want to make the game more personalized, head to the customization menu and customize the map. Have fun!

Release Date

The game was initially released in September 2017. The game has been updated to use Unity 2020 which supports playing in mobile browsers since October 2020!


  • Chaotic controls
  • Play with up to 8 friends
  • Many customization options


Ping Pong Chaos is developed by New Eich Games.


The game is available as a web browser game (desktop and mobile) and as an iOS app.

Player 1 Controls

  • W to jump left
  • E to jump right

Player 2 Controls

  • I to jump left
  • O to jump right
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