PEAL - Blocky Dolphin Tale
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PEAL - Blocky Dolphin Tale

PEAL - Blocky Dolphin Tale is the underwater adventure game in which you control the plucky dolphin named pearl. You are on a mission to save Pearl’s family and all of the other fishes that you come across on your journey through the blocky seas. Defeat all of the enemies to save the day and save everyone to make the seas safe again.

Witness the beautiful graphics in this underwater world with stunning views and amazing graphics that display each and every aspect of sea life to the full extent. Make sure that you complete the journey though as that’s the most important part! Have fun!

Release Date

August 2018


BODROID developed PEAL. You can find mobile apps developed by him here.


  • Control Peal using the WASD keyboard buttons and use left click to attack with your fin.
  • Attack enemies in your path but make sure not to get hit by them.
  • Break and loot crates and barrels to gather materials and points.
  • Venture through levels on your journey to save the day!


Web browser