Neon Ball

Neon Ball is an awesome and challenging puzzle game with a simple objective - you must rotate the neon platforms to move the ball into the neon sphere at the edge of each level. The ball moves as you tilt the platform and you must consider the angle of the platform and the speed of the ball to ensure that you don't move too far and cause the ball to fly away.

The first few levels are quite easy and allow you to understand the basics of the game, but as you progress, the levels become increasingly difficult. You will encounter different obstacles such as red triangular blocks and moving red stars. Try to complete each level and obtain three stars. Can you persevere and conquer Neon Ball?

Release Date

March 2018


Neon Ball was made by QKY Games.


  • Interesting gameplay that lets you rotate the screen freely to guide the ball
  • Neon color
  • Fun music
  • You can define your own strategy to grab the stars and reach the circle


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Use left and right arrow to rotate the screen.
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