Necromancer 2: The Crypt of the Pixels
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Necromancer 2: The Crypt of the Pixels

Necromancer 2: The Crypt of the Pixels is a fun and spooky avoid game in which you control our three friends Leo, Amy and Sam. These three friends are trapped inside a pixelated video game and have managed to defeat the might Necromancer – after their triumphant battle they have become separated however. You must help them reunite and work through a series of video game levels.

During each level you must complete a range of challenges, avoid the scary monsters and watch out for the various obstacles that will hinder your progress. The gameplay is fun, the graphics are cool and pixelated and the storyline is also engaging. Can you reunite your friends, and defeat the evil Necromancer once more?

Release Date

October 2017


  • Beautiful 3D pixel world
  • Lots of challenges
  • Dark environment with lots of monsters


  • Desktop browser
  • iOS app
  • Android app


Use WASD or arrow keys to move.