Momentum is an epic platform game that features awesome flowing gameplay. If you love Spiderman then this is the title for you – you control a character and you are equipped with an awesome web shooter – you can use this shooter to swing from objects and pass over huge drops. Swing like Spiderman and use your momentum to reach further afield platforms and hard to reach areas.

As you progress the obstacles and levels become harder – you are eventually chased by an army of flying beasts and you must stay ahead of them to avoid capture! The controls are simple but you must move quickly and time your jumps to perfection. Can you complete every level and show off your swinging skills?

Release Date

February 2018


Momentum was made by Robert Jordan, a student from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand who won CrazyGames' 2017 annual scholarship. You can read the game's development progress on his blog.


  • Cool platformer game set a mountain area
  • Unique game mechanics that is inspired by the web swing from Spiderman. You can attach a rope to a platform and swing from it
  • You can gain momentum by spinning yourself while attached
  • Obstacles and chasing enemies that can instantly kill you
  • Checkpoints in each level


Web browser


  • AD to move
  • W to jump
  • Hold left mouse button to attach a rope
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