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Mad Town Andreas: Mafia Storie

(88,128 votes)
Extreme Games
June 2020
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop-only)

Mad Town Andreas: Mafia Storie is a great gangster game! If you love an online game like GTA San Andreas, you will thoroughly enjoy this title. You start as a nobody within this large city and you must buy weapons and drive your way to success. Your aim is simple - to build up your reputation, drive through the city in a stolen vehicle and try to make as much money as possible by completing different tasks.

This title combines different game types together - car games, shooting games, and Mafia empire games for example. You can have so much fun and the possibilities are endless. It is completely up to you how you act - you can be ruthless and commit atrocious crimes if you wish. Alternatively, you can keep it simple and just drive a stolen car and undertake protection rackets - the choice is yours.

The town mafia story is also interesting - you can vie for position against other criminal masterminds and try to take them down if you wish. Don’t forget to play games mad town in this city. As you play you will find your own path and make your own choices. You can have endless amounts of fun and the longevity of this game is fantastic.

Finally, the graphics of this game are also superb. The cityscape looks amazing and you really feel immersed in the game as you are driving and completing your tasks. If you enjoy Grand Theft Auto style games then Mad Town Andreas will be a perfect choice. Why not create your own mafia story and try to become the most notorious person in town today?

Release Date

December 2018 (Android). March 2019 (WebGL), and has been updated in June 2020 with a new storyline.


Mad Town Andreas: Mafia Storie was developed by Extreme Games.


Web browser


  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • 1 or 2 to switch weapon
  • Left mouse button to attack/shoot
  • E to interact
  • Space bar to jump>/li>
  • P to pause
  • H to return home
  • V to change car's camera view