Loco Roco 2
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Loco Roco 2

Loco Roco 2 is a magnificent platform arcade game in which you must control a variety of cute characters and guide them through a range of awesome levels. The game has simple controls – use the arrow keys to move your character and slide then along the ground. As you move the keys, the level will tilt either to the left or right – you must use the momentum to make your character jump.

During each level you must collect the bugs and also activate the musical machines. At first you may struggle, but once you get used to the movements you will fly through the fun levels! The gameplay is challenging and the graphics and music are entertaining. How many levels can you complete?

Release Date

November 2008


Loco Roco 2 is developed by Kerb Games.


  • An arcade game with cute characters
  • Six levels to play


Web browser


Press left and right arrow to move. Press together to jump.