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Hospital: Survive the Night

(5,212 votes)
DiaMMax Games
December 2022
Last Updated:
December 2022
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop-only)

Hospital: Survive the Night is a survival horror game where you have to hide from the creepy hospital patient in the security room. You are a security at the hospital who has the night shift, and you are a convinced pacifist who only has a flashlight, CCTV cameras, a door control system, and alarms to help you survive the night. Patients will try their best to get to the security room, and your task is to prevent them by closing the doors on the way and distracting their attention from hunting by all available means.

The game is divided into five nights, and on every shift, you are hunted by distraught hospital patients. If one of the creepy patients gets to you, the level will start at the beginning. While going around the building between chapters, you can explore the clinic and look for secrets. With each new shift, you will delve deeper into the secrets of the hospital and will be able to find out everything that the management decided to hide from you. Many notes, medical histories, reports, and unsent letters are scattered in the building, which can shed light on the hospital's secrets. You can get into all the rooms if you show resourcefulness. However, from the moment you take the walkie-talkie, the game will switch to survival mode, and the security room will close until seven in the morning. CCTV cameras will become your eyes. Through them, it is possible to control doors, alarms, and more.

Release Date

December 2022


Hospital: Survive the Night is made by DiaMMax Games.


Web browser

Last Updated

Dec 26, 2022


  • WSAD or arrow keys = walk
  • Hold shift = run
  • Hold right-click = flashlight
  • Left-click = interact
  • Esc = pause